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🇬🇧 UK Gundog Trainer of The Year 2019 🇬🇧

🇬🇧 UK Gundog Trainer of The Year 2019 🇬🇧

🏆 It’s time to say goodbye to this beaut of a trophy in anticipation of its new home! 🏆

I feel truly honoured firstly being nominated in 2019 by my fabulous clients (as I had no idea!) for the Keith Erlandson Memorial Trophy for The Gundog Trainer of The Year sponsored by The Countrymans Weekly- I’ll never forget the the phone call, the complete shock of being told that I was a finalist and that I had won the the award. An unforgettable and amazing moment in my career. Thank you Tracey Allen of The Countrymans Weekly certainly was a big surprise!

I never see myself as a professional gundog trainer, I just see some one who has been training gundogs for many years to work in the field competently and successfully. It’s my passion, my hobby, my love that turned into a full time career. To have been given recognition by my clients means the world to me, it will always be with me as one of my proudest achievements.

This leads me to say, I’m truly thankful to Wendy Bardsley as I know you were responsible for putting me forward as a nominee, to all my wonderful clients who supported the nomination and all your kind words. It’s a pleasure to train each and everyone of you, my aim is always to help even if just a little, for you to form an even better partnership with your gundog. To help you achieve your goals of having a well trained companion by your side and ultimately a gundog you can be proud of out in the shooting field.

All of this has only been achievable with the continued support of Lisa Macdonald-Smith and Julia Sullivan of the Bloxworth Estate, Dorset of where it all began, I am eternally grateful. To Lord Sebastian Seymour of The Maiden Bradley Estate on the Duchy of Somersets Estate, Wiltshire, for his ongoing support by giving me the opportunity to grow and base the Headquarters of Corbinsbere Gundogs, I am blessed with such fantastic training ground, thank you

Lastly to Lindsey, who is there every step of the way, who offers only encouragement and who is my constant, I appreciate your wise words more than you’ll ever know!

🇬🇧🏆Good Luck to the 2022 Nominees!!! 🏆🇬🇧


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