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A time to reflect….2023/2024

As the season closes, I look back on the year taking real pride in my chosen career as a Professional Gundog Trainer in the true sense of the title, training handlers and their dogs for the shooting field.

Over the years I have introduced new enthusiasts to the sport in their numbers. This season without exception has been one of the most fruitful I have experienced, not only by my own achievements but for my clients too. All the while I was training for my own successes I was busy preparing clients and their dogs for the shooting field. Training dogs for the field is my true passion and it gives me a huge sense of joy watching novice handlers get out beating or picking up with their dogs for the first time. It takes time to get it right, many clients are with me from pup to fully trained, on average taking a couple of years to have a fully fledged Gundog. In this time I feel honoured to be part of their partnership, from the first retrieve of a puppy dummy to live game training days. This particular season has seen almost 30 clients achieve their goals of a working dog, with new spaniels in the beating line, retrievers out picking up and on peg and lastly three clients competing for the first time in Novice Spaniel Field Trials. I am immensely proud of these achievements, the majority of handlers I teach have never worked a dog or even been in a beating line and to see their dedication throughout is truly inspiring.

I wanted to take the time to say how much I’ve enjoyed teaching each and everyone of you, a big thank you to all the messages, the write ups and photos you have shared with me. You are all the reason why I do what I do and quite simply you are Corbinsbere Gundogs.

Thank you



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