1-2-1 training is based on the Maiden Bradley Estate, Wiltshire. Lessons are available for handlers wishing to work their dogs and for those with pet gundogs. Specialising in the Spaniel and Retriever for the shooting field, training in all aspects of gundog disciplines. Guiding the Novice Handler with a step by step training plan from puppy to the fully trained gundog. Corbinsbere Gundogs has extensive training facilities, open ground, retrieving lanes, game pen, pond and bracken woodland.  

For all enquiries please contact Tracy on 07919484941 preferably Text/Whatsapp or Email or via the Contact Page.


1-2-1 Training

1-2-1 Training is available for owners wishing to work their dogs as well as training for pet gundogs. All breeds of gundogs are welcome for general obedience, whilst specialising in the Spaniel and Retriever for the shooting field. Monday - Thursday mornings. During the British Summertime, evening 1-2-1s are available.  Fee £50.

Group Training

Regular Group Training Sessions are available from puppy gundog classes to advanced workshops for the spaniel and retriever, all are based in Maiden Bradley, Wiltshire.

Puppy - Monday/Thursdays/Sundays (March - September).

Junior - Sundays

Novice - Beginners Sundays 

Novice Spaniel Workshops Sundays

Advanced Spaniel Workshops Sundays

Away Training Days - Bloxworth, Dorset.

Workshops for Novice - Advanced Spaniels and Retrievers are run on a monthly basis (Wednesdays)

Fee £30-£45


Puppy Gundog

1-2-1 Puppy Gundog Lessons are available throughout the year in Maiden Bradley, Wiltshire. Puppy will need to be fully vaccinated and 12 weeks plus to start training. A bespoke training plan will be given, to ensure you and your puppy are on the right track from the start. Monday - Thursdays. Fee £50


Puppy Gundog Starter Pack

8-12weeks of age.

Ideal for those first time puppy gundog owners, guidance from the first day of bringing puppy home. Pack includes Corbinsbere Gundogs Puppy Gundog Information Sheets, online training, training videos, weekly feedback and bespoke training plan, including pups first 1-2-1 lesson once fully vaccinated. Course Fee £200 

Puppy Gundog Courses.

Available from March to September. A five week course for you and your puppy, nurturing the retrieve, the basics and keeping your puppy close. Puppy will need to be 12 weeks plus and fully vaccinated. Mondays/Thursdays and Sundays. Course Fee £150.


Training for the more advanced gundog is available on a 1-2-1 basis and Group Training. Regular workshops are run throughout the year Tuesday/Thursday evenings when the light allows and Sundays.

Beaters Courses - a new course available from October - January, an introduction to working your dog in line with other dogs, etiquette of a shoot day and steadiness around game. 

Game Pen - 1-2-1 Training available throughout the year.

Live Game Training Days are run during the season on a monthly basis, best suited for those wishing to work their dogs in the line, rough shooting or picking up.

Fee £50 - £120

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