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⭐️The Kennel Club Working Gundog Certificate⭐️

⭐️The Kennel Club Working Gundog Certificate⭐️

⭐️Exciting News⭐️

I’m hoping to run our first “Kennel Club Working Gundog Certificate” day on dummies, the date proposed is Tuesday 28th June - awaiting confirmation from KC.

Assessors Martin Ashman (A Panel Judge) and Me!

Please have a read of the link below and have a look at what’s required, dogs will need to be of this standard to participate on the day. You’ll see it’s open to all Gundog breeds, KC and non KC.

I think this is a fantastic opportunity, to train to a high standard and obtain a recognised certification of the dogs ability as well as the handlers! 🐶⭐️

Please email me your interest, I’m not taking any bookings as yet, just to let you know I have a day planned!! 🐶⭐️


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