FTAW Dodging Bullets of Corbinsbere

I couldn't be any prouder of "Stomp" aka Dodging Bullets as on the 2nd of January 2017 he achieved a certificate of merit (COM) at the Hampshire Clubs Novice Cocker trial. Not too bad for our first trial together!

The first run, we had kale knee height, the handler on our left had a flush and bird down, they couldn't find it, luck was on our side, approx 25yards out in front in thick kale, quite a bit of handling to get him in the area..then that famous quote "trust your dog" and bingo he got it! Change of dogs on the left, on we worked they had a flush and bird retrieved. On we went again, our flush and bird down behind..sent, stop and redirect he retrieved fine. Phew 1st run done! 👍

Our 2nd run small hunt up, handler on right had flush and sent their dog (tiny mix up as my judge asked me to send at the same time, had to call him back in, which he did easily, proud moment for me). Off we go again, Stomp pulling a bit towards where the last bird went down..through the skin of my teeth I kept him hunting for me! Then a flush for us, bird down in front, he marked well and retrieve back to hand. Very pleased with the results...know what we need to work on..so here's to the next!

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