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FTAW Dodging Bullets of Corbinsbere



Stomp is proving to be one hell of a little cocker, he is very loyal and an amazing working dog. Stomps first year of trialling saw him gain awards in two out of three trials entered, receiving a COM at his first trial and a SECOND after a run off for first place in his third trial. Stomp has great pace and is quiet with a soft mouth. A keen hunter with  equal drive to retrieve makes him a great dog in the field. A special cocker he is and is a real privilege to have by my side.



FIRST Dorset Working Spaniel Club Spring Working Test Puppy

COM Hampshire Gundog Sociey Novice Cocker Trial

SECOND Dorset Working Spaniel Club Novice Cocker Trial



AMS: Clear

PRA: Clear

FN Tested: Clear


Gonioscopy (Glaucoma Predispostion):

Stud Fee £450

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