AV Working Gundog Test (NON KC)Sunday 23rd April

A Fun Gundog Working Test (non KC) for all breeds of Gundogs so whether you have a Retriever, Spaniel, HPR, Minor Breed or Cross Breed you are all welcome to have a go! These tests are an ideal stepping stone to introduce you to the world of competitive tests in a relaxed environment, with no pressure, no matter what breed of gundog.

There will be three tests, capitalising on the wide range of facilities at the Corbinsbere Gundogs test ground (courtesy of the Bloxworth Estate, Wareham, Dorset and the Macdonald -Smith family). You will encounter various test scenarios you may experience under test conditions. Each entrant is assessed and scored at each test with a mark out of 20. Young handlers are very welcome to enter, with awards for the age groups up to 12 years and 13years -16years.

There are two classes “The Retrievers”, tests will be set as Puppy, Novice and Open Retriever Tests, regardless of which breed you are running, if you have a spaniel and you think it can do it...then do it!!

Secondly “The Spaniels” the tests will be set as Puppy, Novice and Open Spaniel Tests. So any variety Spaniel or HPR can enter, Quartering will be the main assessment along with your basics and the retrieve.

The tests are run by Corbinsbere Gundogs with the emphasis of guiding handlers and their dogs in a test environment. The Judges are experienced in working tests and trials, they are not only there to point score but are on hand to offer advice after each test.

Entries £12.50 per person/dog (NO ENTRIES ON THE DAY)



To start Promptly 9.30am (Entries 9am until 9.20)

NOVICE (No dog to have won a kc test)


To Start Promptly 2pm (Entries 1.30pm until 1.50)

SPECIAL PUPPY (Up to 18months) and OPEN

JUDGES Tracy Corbin, Karen Lester, Tina Male, Michael Lydford and Ian Stevens

Awards will be given to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and Coms where applicable.

Please bring your lunch and drinks etc..

For entry forms will be available in the next few days - please download from our website www.corbinsberegundogs.co.uk, closing date Thursday 20th April 2017 NO ENTRIES ON THE DAY

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