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As an experienced gundog trainer drawing on 20 years of training dogs within the shooting field, Tracy specialises in the spaniel and the retriever. Working her team of spaniels throughout the season for a number of shoots in Dorset, Wiltshire Somerset and Hampshire. 


Tracys trains to a high standard producing good steady dogs for the peg, picking up, rough shooting and beating. Leading beating and picking up teams on local shoots in Dorset, Tracy can offer an introduction to the shooting field under instruction. For further information please enquire through the contact page.




ONE TO ONE training from Foundations to Advanced can be booked in Wiltshire, Monday - Thursday between 9am  and 1pm (12pm last lesson). During the summer, evening lessons are available Tuesday and Thursdays between 5pm and 7pm. Monthly Dorset lessons in Bloxworth available on a Wednesday. 

All Gundog breeds welcome for training for general obedience, whilst specialising in Spaniels and Retrievers for the shooting field. Lessons are tailored to suit you and your dogs requirements. Depending on your training plan, instruction varies from weekly to 6weekly basis. Lessons Fee £50-£60

Spaniels and Retrievers.


Puppy Gundog Lessons are available to the 12+ week old puppy on a one to one basis, teaching handlers how to start training on a step by step basis of basic gundog training.



Corbinsbere Gundogs has access to a variety of training ground for groups including open fields, woodland, heavy cover, ponds and rivers.


There are many benefits to training in a group scenario for both dog and handler including socialisation, steadiness and working with distractions. The groups are designed for handlers and dogs at all levels progressing to the highest standard of training. It is essential for all dogs to work with distractions, what better way than in a group


The Groups are run throughout the year. .


Corbinsbere Gundogs has the facilities to enable you and your dog to train to the next level. The advanced classes are tailored towards pushing you and your dogs to the highest of standards ready for the shooting field. Live game training is available on a one to one basis, groups and shoot training days.


Prices on application.

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